Alef-Beit Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

Alef-Beit Kiddush Cup
A Marvelous sterling silver artisan Judaica Kiddush cup on stem.
This Kiddush cup is all ornamented with Hebrew letters in various fonts over a matte background which emphasizes the decorations.
The stem of the Kiddush cup has a knob ornamented with ball-like decorations.
This Kiddush cup was made in the electroforming method.



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Marks: 925 Sterling silver
Height: 4.9in. / 12.44cm.
Diameter: 2.7in. / 6.85cm.
Base diameter: 2.8in. / 7.11cm.
Weight: 264.8gr. / 8.51oz.
1 inch = 2.54cm 925 for sterling silver, maker´s mark.